Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

 By Deborah Bevy 


Everyman Kyle
Lieutenant T.T.
Vern Drummel: KWWK Eye In The Sky

LAPD pilot
Big Al


A lone chair sets in the middle of an empty stage.  The chair is solidly built and faces stage right.  Everyman Kyle enters stage left and walks to the downstage side of the chair.  He pantomimes the retrieval of keys from his front pocket and unlocks a phantom car door.  Everyman Kyle crouches down and swings himself onto the chair and pulls the door shut.  He pantomimes starting the car.  He puts it in gear, gripping the phantom steering wheel in his hands, and then checks his mirrors, seemingly waiting for an opportunity.  After a moment, he presses his foot down on the stage and cranks the wheel left, then right, pulling into traffic.  Everyman Kyle checks his mirrors again, waiting, then abruptly picks up his chair, keeping it pressed to his bottom, shuffles around to face stage left, and sets the chair back down, resuming his driving pose.  Behind Everyman Kyle, Lieutenant T.T. enters from stage right.  He is a police officer, as denoted by his mirrored sunglasses.  He sits on a chair identical to Everyman Kyle’s. Four black-clad, ski-masked stagehand crouch at the four legs of Lieutenant T.T.’s chair, pulling and pushing the chair into position, six feet directly behind Everyman Kyle’s chair.  Once Lieutenant T.T. is in place, the stagehands exit.

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