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The Reach of Resonance (Excerpt)

Unofficial Teaser #2 (Alaska):
Shot and Edited by Steve Elkins in January 2009
Additional Aurora Footage Shot by Poul Jensen
In this Clip: John Luther Adams

The film, which explores the lives of individuals from different parts
of the world using music for wildly unorthodox investigations, features
Miya Masaoka, a Japanese koto player using music to interact with
plants and insects; Jon Rose, the world's first virtuoso fence player,
who has traveled the world to make music from fences in conflict zones
ranging from the Australian outback to Israel to the US-Mexico border;
John Luther Adams, an ecologist using music to study weather patterns,
earthquakes, and activity of the aurora borealis in Alaska; and Bob
Ostertag, who explores socio-political issues through processes as
diverse as transcribing riots into string quartets, and creating live
cinema with garbage.

-Steve Elkins



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