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Double Happiness, by Natalie Kelsey


A Word from Mrs. Judas

Who is Mrs. Judas?  Does she wear Spanx?  Is she bad at math?  Is she here to destroy you?  It’s no accident that Mrs. Judas has just parked her Chevy in front of your third floor walk-up.  When Mr. Judas moved his corporate headquarters to New York City, he knew he'd need help with important business, like picking out ice cream flavors and finding an apartment building with adequate street parking, so he brought Mrs. Judas along for the ride.  It was a rough couple of years, but Mr. Judas was there to hold her hand. (She kept her other hand free to type this issue while Mr. Judas started his new job.  It looked pretty weird, but it worked out okay.)

When Mr. and Mrs. Judas got together all kinds of things happened – fights broke out, vans broke down in the middle of the desert, babies fell off the couch, people started recycling, and then Mr. Judas kissed Mrs. Judas on the lips in front of everyone. Things got so unruly Mrs. Judas had no choice but to add an AV section to the issue (for the reading impaired or the audio-visually gifted, whichever you prefer).  Now Mr. Judas’ ears are ringing for all the right reasons.

You shouldn't be afraid of Mrs. Judas.  She's just sitting on the shoulders of the Mr. Judas you love, making a giant, multi-armed creature that can crush its opponents in a chicken fight. Believe Mrs. Judas – you’ll want this issue of Mr. Judas on your team.  Mr. Judas is bigger, louder and, if you can believe it, a little prettier.


Mrs. Judas


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