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About Mr. and Mrs. Judas

Mr. Judas is your typical post-ironic, pop-lit, humo[u]r magazine.  We lay savory nuggets of refined pleb out on the back porch, turn off all the lights, and wait for the Zeitgeist to creep out of the bushes on a foraging trip.  While it dines, we slip out the backdoor and scratch it behind its ears and give its tummy a good rub.  And goddam if the bugger doesn’t purr a little bit.

If only Mrs. Judas was so easily tamed.

Guest Editor: Devon Glenn

Senior Art Contributor: Thaddeus Couldron

Mr. Judas logo by: Virginie Delannoy

Mrs. Judas logo vandalized by: Devon Glenn

Editorial Contributors: Lisa Todd Crowe, Perry Crowe, Steve Elkins, Devon Glenn, Grace Krilanovich, William R. Oldham, Kate Petre, Margaret Wappler

Art Contributors:  Nickole A. Pepera, Natalie Kelsey

Music by: Martin Starr Simmons

Video by: Steve Elkins

Web Guy: Ron Crowe

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